Thursday, 24 April 2014


Hello everyone!

I recently came across this challenge on Instagram and thought it would be something fun to try and complete.

It seems pretty straightforward and simple enough but you'll be surprised how hard this actually is! Anyhoo, I am definitely looking forward to completing this challenge and then looking back at everything that made me happy for 100 days. 

You can sign up for the challenge here. I'd love to see your pictures if anyone does sign up or is currently doing the challenge! Leave a comment with your name and I'll definitely check it out! 

I will also be posting my highlights from my 100happydays once the challenge is over so be sure to check that out! 

Happy reading
Harvey Specters Secret Wife 

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  1. I really struggle to be positive and find happiness in life. I'm really negative and depressed. Against this background, I truly admire and value what you are doing. I hope it brings wonderful benefits.